An urgent message: To any man or woman over 30 who is frustrated with their fat, their health, their energy... and their life. Get ready for total transformation.

The Metamorphosis Challenge 12 Weeks To Your Best Body Ever


and the tools and the know-how to keep it that way!"

Jermain Defoe - England Striker

The Metamorphosis Challenge, the ONLY 12-week training and education program specifically designed and tailored to deliver the body you desire and deserve.

Inside state of the art facilities and using the latest technology along with the best coaches you'll melt away stubborn fat, build lean muscle and boost your metabolism all in the next 12 weeks.*

Best part? We'll show you how to maintain those results FOR GOOD.

Why Is The Metamorphosis
Challenge So Successful?

Millions of us are wasting time on workout programs we'll never keep up with, diets we'll never follow, and fitness gimmicks that flat out don't work.

Yet, The Metamorphosis Challenge is revolutionizing health and fitness in the U.K. How?

The secret is in the unique technology inside our state of the art facilities. Nowhere else can you track your body fat, hormones and stress levels while you watch the weight fall off, your lean muscle grow and feel your energy increase.*

Combine that with in-demand one-on-one coaching and you have a PROVEN results-driven fitness program.

10 Years Of Success!,
2000 Members Can't Be Wrong...

9.5% Body Fat Loss in 12 weeks.

After breaking my femur and shoulder during a ski trip I made the investment in Fe Gym. After a few months I was functional and looking even younger than before the accident. Fe Gym knows how to set positivity in motion. *

Shari Casey

Lost 12 Lbs Of Body Fat, Gained 8 lbs Of Muscle.

I've been training for over 7 years now, and i push myself quite hard. However, I only began to truly see results before and after I started the metamorphosis challenge.

After just a 9 weeks into the program, I lost 12 lbs of fat and put on 8 lbs of muscle.

It's been three months since I completed the challenge and I've only improved upon my shape since! *

Andy Bell

13% Body Fat Loss in 12 weeks.

I used to have a good figure in my younger days, but work and family commitments allowed me to get sloppy.

I promised my kids a skiing holiday for Christmas, but I knew I needed to get fitter, stronger and learner to keep up. After seeing some of the results my work colleagues had achieved I took the plunge and started the Metamorphosis Challenge.

In just 12 weeks. I went from being an unfit mess to being able to go on many outdoor adventures with my children. Thanks Fe! *

Amy Parker

Gained 8 Lbs Of Lean Muscle. Lost 6 Lbs of Body Fat.

I'm a professional strength & conditioning coach for a national lacrosse team. I reached out to Justin through a large amount of recommendation within the Strength & Conditioning community to help with my own composition and performance goals.

Simply put Justin was able to educate me on the science and understanding behind stress management, productivity management and most importantly life management.

The results speak for themselves. My lifts went straight through the roof and i ended up in the best shape of my life. Fe all the way!!! *

Gus Old

Lost 24 Lbs of Fat in just 12 weeks!

I have been to many top organisations but Fe Gym is by far the most precise establishment when it comes to knowledge and understanding of the human body. An investment into better health and a stronger body. *

Michael Friel

Lost 9 Lbs of Fat, Gained 6 Lbs Of Lean Muscle Tissue.

Justin knows his stuff. To begin with I was a little shocked and tentative with the change of eating habits and the volume of food.

However giving up booze was surprisingly easier than I expected, simply for the reason that I was investing such money into acquiring my desired shape, these sacrifices had to be made.

It was a complete education, a change in approach to diet, supplementation and training, made me make gains very quickly.

Justin wouldn't let me slack at all, always pushing me to get the most out of our time together. I wont lie some days were very, very tough, pushing me to places I hadn't been before, however, the final result was more than worth it.!! *

James Hillingdon

Join our unique 12-week training and education program that gives you the tools and support to transform your body and life.

Start the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge

we're in your corner,
every step of the way.

My name's Justin Maguire. You may have heard about me from some of the athletes I've coached, the gyms I own or my background in the health and fitness world.

I've spent the last 15 years working with thousands of people across the globe, from busy executives all the way through to olympic level athletes.

It's been a long term goal of mine to share the knowledge i've accumulated and save others from taking the long, hard road and making the mistakes that have been already made for you.

What I've decided to share with you today isn't something new, it's not the latest fitness gimmick or some other untested approach.

It's a training and lifestyle philosophy that i've been developing for almost ten years to get thousands of people into the best physical and mental state of their lives, and most importantly, to stay there.

With the launch of our state of the art London-based facilities, and our expert team of nutritionists, kinesiologists, psychologists, and physicians. We've created the ideal environment to set you up for your success, we're here in your corner; to listen, to understand and to guide you through every step of the way.

Shari Casey -
Learning and Development Professional

On 3rd Feb 2012, while skiing at Whistler, another skier ran into me from behind, breaking both bones in my lower right let and breaking my right shoulder in two places.

I was in a wheelchair for over 4 months and was unable to walk without crutches for over a year.

Four operations and two years later, I was finally ready to start down the road to recovery.

The help and support I received with Justin and the Fe team meant that my surgeon signed me off a full 3 months earlier than he had expected. He was going to prescribe 3 months of physiotherapy. Instead, he told me to keep doing whatever I had been doing as my recovery had been remarkable fast.

'Whatever I had been doing' was the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge!

The Syllabus

The Fe Metamorphosis Challenge breaks down into five elements across the 12 week course – Discover, Practice, Sustain, Modify and Graduate.

  • Metamorphosis Challenge

    • The Metamorphosis Challenge is a one-of-a-kind 12-week physical transformational program that combines the tools, knowledge, and people you need to transform your life.

    • During the next 12 weeks you will be challenged physically and psychologically to change your perspective of what you are capable of achieving. Fe endeavor’s to create a safe space enabling our clients to make real change and more importantly to sustain accomplishment.

    • Below is the breakdown of what to expect along your journey toward achieving your goals.
  • phase 01

    Discovery weeks 1-3

    Ask any athlete how they are able to push themselves to the limit and they’ll tell you it’s because they know how to listen and understand their body. In the Discover phase of the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge you’ll learn how to listen to your body and understand what it’s telling you.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to sort truth from marketing hype.
    • How you should train to achieve the result you are looking to achieve.
    • What foods to eat to kick start your metamorphosis challenge.

    Your Commitment:

    • Follow introductory dietary plan for 3 weeks .
    • Communicate weekly on the outcome of the training and dietary plan with your trainer.
    • Commit to 3 PT sessions weekly.

    What you get:

    • 2 highly technical InBody Scans.
    • 9 hours of personal training exposure.
    • Complete backend support around your challenge.

    In the Discovery phase, we’ll also learn about you, what you are looking for from the Challenge, what motivates you, what your work and life schedule allows, and we’ll design a Fe Challenge Programme tailored specifically for you.

  • phase 02


    They say that no plan survives reality, so the next part of the Challenge sees how your tailored Fe Program works in practice. In the Practice phase of the metamorphosis challenge Fe Gym will

    • Monitor and observe your current progress.
    • Objectively adjust your training routine to maximize your result.
    • Introduce foods that will amplify your metabolism.

    Your Commitment:

    • Commit to the updated dietary plan for 3 weeks.
    • Communicate weekly on the outcome of the training and dietary plan with your trainer.
    • Commit to 3 PT sessions weekly.

    What you get:

    • 2 highly technical InBody Scans.
    • 9 hours of personal training exposure.
    • Complete backend support around your challenge.
  • phase 03

    Sustain weeks 7-9

    After six weeks in the Practice phase, you’ll have reached peak performance at the halfway stage of your Fe Metamorphosis Challenge. Sustain is about maintaining and increasing a level of performance that accesses your potential to maximize your personal gains and create the change you want. During this phase you will Understand the following.

    • Your individual tolerance to exercise volume and intensity.
    • How to implement advanced dietary strategy (ADS).
    • What adjustments can be made to increase your potential to greater volumes of exercise and calories.

    Your Commitment:

    • Commit to your ADS (advanced dietary strategy) for 3 weeks.
    • Communicate weekly on the outcome of the training and dietary plan with your trainer.
    • Commit to 4 PT sessions weekly.

    What you get:

    • 2 highly technical InBody Scans.
    • 12 hours of personal training exposure.
    • Complete backend support around your challenge.
  • phase 04

    Modify and Graduate weeks 10-12

    After three weeks in the Sustain phase, you’ll be getting the best out of your body. In the Modify phase, we’ll make some final tweaks to your program, putting the finishing touches to your Fe Metamorphosis Challenge. During this final stage you will gain access to understanding.

    • Adjustments made toward your ADS (advanced dietary strategy).
    • Complete body awareness.
    • Your capacity for maximal performance.

    Your Commitment:

    • Commit to your ADS (advanced dietary strategy) for 3 weeks.
    • Communicate weekly on the outcome of the training and dietary plan with your trainer.
    • Commit to 4 PT sessions weekly.

    What you get:

    • 2 highly technical InBody Scans.
    • 12 hours of personal training exposure.
    • Complete backend support around your challenge.
  • Prices and membership

    • Phase One £700
    • Phase One and Two £1,360/ £700
    • Phase One till Three £2,160/ £940
    • Phase One till Four £2,920/ £940

    • Semi Private Metamorphosis membership £400 monthly on a 3 month contract.

    • Gym and Open gym access contract (accessible to those whom have completed Metamorphosis contract) £150 on a 12 month contract

So much more than just fitness

When you sign up for The Metamorphosis Challenge, you get:

Priority Access
to all our classes

Your schedule is our priority as such your dedicated Fe trainer will set dates and times that fit your lifestyle.
With operational access from 6am till 10pm Monday till Friday there will be not limit regarding shortage of available time to make real change possible.

Dedicated coach - 24/7

You'll get a dedicated coach to support your Challenge, with one-to-one advice on training, exercise, diet, and what else to do when you're not with us.

Full-body Diagnostics

Every other week you will also get a highly scientific compositional scan which determines many physiological markers to assess how your Challenge is progressing.
Regular assessment and re-testing is the only way we can create a individualized bespoke program such as the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge - as Fe we'll leave no stone unturned in your quest for genuine, long lasting change.

State Of The Art Facility

Inside our state of the art facilities, we've hand picked what we believe to be the comprehensive set of weight training equipment in europe.
It doesn't stop there, we've tailored every aspect of Fe's ambiance to provide the most productive environment whether you're there to perform, rehabilitate, or simply unwind.

Thriving Community

It can be a lonely place when training to change your outlook to a healthy lifestyle.
Fe creates a community of likeminded high performing individuals that get one another.
Small group classes and social events provide a scene of interaction and healthy fun, not allowing our clients to get lost in a crowd.


We are the only organization out there that addresses all the most important areas of your health in one place.
From our group-based approach to our technology and community, we offer a holistic approach that is unmatched and we're proud of what we have created for people like you.

professional praise

Calum Gore
Director, biochemist

I've worked with hundreds of personal trainers in the last five years.

Justin Maguire lives up to his stellar reputation and is one of only a handful of personal trainers I know that gets consistent body composition and performance based results with their clients.

I was pleased to hear about the success of Fe. Justin had introduced his novel approach to body composition and education to create sterling results.

Choose Justin and Fe if you are serious about achieving your goals!

Chris Dufey

Justin and the Fe team are world class. Being a physique coach and speaking internationally, I know first hand that every client is getting exactly what's needed to fast track their results. I thought recommend Justin and the team.

Robert M Kavanagh

Progressive thinking leads to innovative concepts. As a leader in the physical rehabilitation and functional neurology industry I truly understand and seek further resources to improve the results our clients achieve.

Fe Fitness is a close partner to the EPIC approach as its coaches truly resonate a similar ethos in continued professional development geared toward delivering a world class product.


I’m not sure about going on another crazy diet. I don’t want to limit my life and energy levels.

Sustainability is key to a long active lifestyle. Fe wants its clients to be energized and full of excitement toward the process of change. Nutritional advocation is a science and should not entail one to feel depleted and completed uninterested in food. Fe will provide a multitude of dietary options and solutions which will create not only a physiological change but a neurological improvement as well.

What happens after these 12 weeks? Am I just left on my own?

Most definitely not! Fe continues to provide educational resources to its clients well after the 12 week education, from our newsletters to educational workshops we will strive to continue to provide the best environment to learn and keep learning. As a graduated member you will also be awarded the added benefit of discounted rates to nutritional planning and personal training, thus Fe will thank you by making your further learning discounted and affordable.

Do I need to buy any special supplements for this to work?

No, you don’t. That being said I do make recommendations of a few powerful supplements that can only serve to enhance the effects of the challenge. But they are by no means required. It’s up to you.

How soon can i expect to see results?

This isn’t some fad eating plan or short-term gimmick. It’s a way of eating based on millions of years of evolution and works with your body’s natural chemistry. After taking The Metamorphosis Challenge people forget about quick fixes forever and embrace this as a permanent way of life.

That said, you will start to feel different within the first 48 hours and will notice physical changes within the first week.*

What if I don’t make it to all the sessions?

If you miss a workout, it won't be the end of the world.

Too many solutions out there are extreme and require massive life transformations. And when they do transform the results rarely last, because the lifestyle isn't designed for someone who wants a balanced life.

Our approach is different, it's designed for the busy person that wants to get and keep results and live a balanced, healthy life.

100% money back guarantee
no matter the reason

In the unlikely event that after having participated in the first two weeks of the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge you feel that you aren't on track to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, simply hand in your program materials. We will send you a complete refund, no questions asked.


5 Critical Reasons
to take the metamorphosis challenge today.


If you're ready to work with the best coaches in the industry, burn ugly, stubborn body fat, build lean muscle and feel ten years younger.*

You're ready for the Fe Metamorphosis Challenge.

Enter your details below and one of our coaches will contact you within 24 hours.


Toby Grimstone -
Senior Linklaters Partner

The only downside to training the Fe way was accepting the number of years I wasted training incorrectly and performing workouts that weren't suited for my body.

In the last 12 weeks i've transformed my body so much that i've had to get new shirts and suits made. I've put two inches on my shoulders and taken two inches off the waist!

Fe has taught me so much about training and nutrition, it's helped me learn to listen to my body and provided me with the know-how to go off on my own and continue to get results!

I look forward to every workout now and more so, the feeling I get at the end of each session - know that every single movement is creating positive changes in my body and life.


The Metamorphosis

12 Weeks To Your
Best Body Ever

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